The History of the Meade County Jail

The History of the Meade County Jail By Gerald W. Fischer      Before Meade County was founded it was formerly part of Hardin and Breckenridge, Counties, and prior to that time the closest seat of … [Read more...]

The Mystery Men of the Cox Tobacco Barn

Henry Clay Magruder's tombstone.  He called himself Captain, however he held the rank of private.

The Mystery Men of the Cox Tobacco Barn Three men were captured on March 12th, 1865 in the Meade County, Kentucky tobacco barn of John and Elizabeth Cox.  One of the men was badly wounded, … [Read more...]

The Fighting Petticords

Part II Kelion F. Peddicord  Note:  This narrative was likely written by his sister Indiana Washington “India” Peddicord. Kelion F. Peddicord was born October 1st, 1833 on a farm near … [Read more...]

The Fighting Peddicords

Peddicord Columbus A_

  Compiled By Gerald Fischer from various sources Part I Morgan’s “Great Raid” is the most memorable raid in the Civil War. It extended 1100 miles, went farther into the north than any other … [Read more...]

Meade County Colony in California Part II The Devil in the Garden of Eden

A Wobblie carrying a rifle during the failed attempt to take the Baja from Mexico

 Part II The Devil in the Garden of Eden      The men and women who moved from Meade County to Chula Vista and other areas of California were farm workers with limited prospects in Kentucky.  … [Read more...]

Meade County Colony in California

Frank Kimball (left) and W.G. Dickerson in front of a sign announcing the San Diego Land and Town Company that was the Chula Vista development to which many Meade County people flocked.

Meade County Colony in California Part I Reasons for the Migration Some years ago I wrote a story with Peggy Greenwell about a Meade County migration to places in California. Interestingly … [Read more...]

Connections to the Past

The Log Cabin was a fast economical means of shelter, the nearest type of residence that serves the same purpose in our community today, is the mobile home.

Connections to the Past Part 1 Mailing a letter to log cabins     I have heard it said many times there is nothing new under the sun.  While this statement is not literally correct, it is … [Read more...]

Frontier Meade County, parts 1,2,3 and 4

Mike Borger OCRA high

Author’s note:       Meade County today is a rural community modern in every respect.  Our telecommunications are the latest as is the machinery that tills our soil, milks our cows, cuts our … [Read more...]

Meade Christmas Celebrations  Past and Present


   Meade County Christmases were celebrated differently by people in their 80’s and 90’s, than today’s celebrations.  People nearing retirement celebrated Christmas as their parents did, until after … [Read more...]

Meade County Thanksgivings

Sherley Vandiver

  Thanksgiving, like many of our holidays has origins in European history.  In almost every culture, there has been some sort of harvest or year end celebration.  The famous Oktoberfest or … [Read more...]