Great Pumpkin

The Giant Pumpkin Growers Association of Kentucky will host their giant pumpkin and watermelon contest in Meade County in  2017! This annual event will attract growers from as many as seven states.

Lots of fall family fun will be found at The Giant Pumpkin Pursuit on Sept. 16 at the Roberts Family Farm. The farm is located at 125 Kennedy Road, Guston KY 40142.  It will be open to the public at 10a.m.

Weigh off starts at 12 noon and will continue until all produce is weighed.

Meade County Tourism and the KY Giant Pumpkin Growers (KGPG) will be paying out at total of $4,000 in cash prizes. No cash prize money will be paid out to any class other than Pumpkin & Watermelon. There will be a $10 charge for each category entered, paid to the KGPG.

Categories include:  Pumpkins, Watermelons ,Squash, Sunflower Heads, Field Pumpkins, Tomato, and Long Gourd.


  • Children’s activities to include pumpkin golf, watermelon bowling, pumpkin seed toss, face painting
  • Rides to the pumpkins patch, corn maze and water ballon sling shot
  • Pumpkin & watermelon carving – Travis Reckner’s – Louisville’s Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular
  • Homemakers will hold their annual Scarecrow contest and registration 2016 Scarecrow Decorating Contest, (applications for entries will be available in August)
  • Nellie Bella the Cow, and her barn yard friends: pygmy goats, potbellied pig, miniature horses and donkey.
  • Food Vendor: The Cooke’s Choice Food Truck and Momma Robs Bakery.

For more information on the event or to learn about growing giant watermelons, please contact Andy Mills, Agriculture Extension agent, Roberts Family Farm, 125 Kennedy Road, Guston KY, 40142, 270-422-2361 or the Meade County Tourism office 270-422-3626

2017 Great Pumpkin Pursuit Press Release

Travel accommodations can be made at

Golden Manor Inn & Suites 116 S Dixie Hwy, Muldraugh, KY, 40155 phone 1-800-999-8181 email to

America’s Best Value Inn, 1900 Armory Place, Brandenburg KY, 40108, P: 270-422-1700, email:

Abe’s Country Village, 30 Abersold Lane, Brandenburg KY 40108, (270) 422-4400

Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area, Camping, 850 Otter Creek Park Road, Brandenburg, KY 40108 (502) 942-9171