Meade County Civil War Reenactment

Raid in Brandenburg

Join us July 7-8 2012 in downtown Brandenburg to  relive the areas involvement in the Civil War. They have had over 300 reenactors register for this weekend event. The heat is terrible but they are camped all over the Ohio River’s edge! This evening is the Ball completed with string band. The night canon firing is scheduled for 10pm, tonight July 7,2012. Tomorrow at 1pm is the Calvary  games.

During 1863, General John Hunt Morgan and his men rode throughMeadeCountyon their way to Ohio.

General Morgan sends Captains Clay Merriweather and Samuel Taylor, each with 150 men, ahead of the main group.  They derail the Nashville train just below Muldraugh Hill, taking Union supplies and burning the railroad trestles.  Captain George Ellsworth, General Morgan’s personal telegrapher, taps the telegraph lines and sends a message to Northern General Judah in Cincinnati, saying General J.H. Morgan’s large army, more than 4000 cavalry and soldiers, is marching on Louisville. The message sends Louisville into a panic, resulting in a military curfew.

General Morgan, Colonel Basil Duke, and a Brigade totaling 2000 men approach Brandenburg, the place chosen to cross the Ohio River into Indiana.  The long march from Bardstown and the climb up Muldraugh Hill is exhausting, and the men stay a few hours in Garnettsville, bathing and washing their clothes in the cool waters of the Otter Creek.

Join us see history revisted.

Civil War Reenactment