Buttermilk Falls Historic Walking Trail provides a great place for runners, hikers and walkers of all ages. While you break a sweat you can enjoy the incredible beauty of this historic area.

Meade County is committed to expanding our opportunities for runners, hikers and walkers. Emmert Falls Primitive Trail was completed in 2015 from the existing Buttermilk Falls Trail along the bottom of the ridge ending at a parking area at State Route 933. This 1.2 mile spur begins at the approximate midpoint of the existing trail and proceeds along the bottom of the bluff to Highway 933.

No matter your skill level, The Buttermilk Falls Trail will be a perfect fit. We work hard to provide a place for locals and visitors to “take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.” Located near Flippins Run Park on River Road below downtown Brandenburg, come take in the breathtaking beauty of the Buttermilk Falls Trail.